About me


Me in a photo taken by Alberto H. in a excursion

What is this?

– This is a Photoblog.

– Photowhat? (Fotoqué?)

– Photoblog, were i’m posting images and you can comment it.


I’m David Martinez Peña, from Carlet (Valencia’s province in Spain). I’m IT Engineer. I like music, photography, to swim and walk on the mountain.

Technical data

The website is generated by wordpress 3.8, nextgen gallery, qtranslate, jetpack and kk star ratings and others.

Interesting links, blog’s or photostreams from my friends

http://500px.com/zuguzz (Augusto’s photostream)

http://500px.com/jordimares2 (Jordi’s photostream)

http://www.amartistica.com (The best band in Carlet A.M. L’Artística de Carlet)

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