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Today I bring you a panoramic view from the ouet in la casella (Alzira). (You know that at the bottom of the image have the technical data plus GPS location, and you can view them on google maps?). For this you only see the location data because the data would not be real technical, as a panorama of several photos.

  • Location: 39° 6.7′ 0″ N 0° 19.4667′ 0″ W

The tour was organized by the friend Sergi and was a pleasure to walk with him and his friends in the mountains. In the picture you can see the Egg, Sant Bernat’s horse, Cardinal’s Cross, the beach and the Raya.

I also attached a video that passed to me last week Minerva (4 boys and a girl playing the same guitar and doing it very well). I am super fan of the guy on the right with Beard… lol

Have you seen in the social links that also have channel on youtube?… “no te digo nà y te lo digo tó”

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