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On October 19 new musicians got together with Alberto and Augusto with the mission of taking pictures of the new musicians for the libretto of Santa Cecilia.
Alberto is responsible for the “traditional” picture ended up being a photo from a very original perspective (which is ultimately where you can view in the libretto). I also asked for help from Augusto to make an idea on my head in “night” mode. The idea was that instead of looking only 4 musicians, we formed a small band, appearing several times repeated every one of us.
I must say it was late and we all had something in a hurry, so we could not risk and do it all in one take. We went and did multi-exposures (and thanks that we did well, or it would have been a disaster).
Here you have 6 shots for the first picture:

grup-toma1 grup-toma2grup-toma3 grup-toma4 grup-toma5 grup-toma6

And here the first result to stack all the shots:

grup-resultat1And the end result erasing content of some layers to avoid the ghosts and overlays lights:

grup-resultat2Since we were there we also carry out the idea of ​​Augusto:

This time simplest implementation for very impressive results:

llums-toma2Just stacking the two shots:

llums-resultat1And the final result with a slight frame crop:

llums-resultat2The president of the band wanted to take was around to see what’s that I was commenting to take pictures in the dark. These are all in one take and adjustment of levels only:

mestre2 mestre1

The tune today relays on Daniela Andrade, a girl I knew because it was part of the soundtrack of a chapter at Suits (a highly recommended TV-Show):


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