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Yes, as you can see… back to fight, after more than a year without activity a lot of thing has happenned that I’ll tell you little by little. But first:

  • Camera: Canon EOS 7D
  • Focal length: 50mm
  • ISO: 3200
  • Location: 42° 32.5258′ 0″ N 0° 30.1367′ 0″ W
  • Shutter speed: 30s

1. New web, newu hosting, new CMS, uau… everything by the air!!, I’ll hope you like it.
2. New hopes for this project to go out.
3. More social… facebook, g+, twitter, etc…
4. New lens (8mm, and an example)
5. New url

But all this things makes no sense if you don’t come back an see, comment, share, etc…

In a little bit, more info is comming…

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